Other Projects

Features Overview

Making stuff is super fun! Here are a few other things I've created.


city vernacular 

For a front-end design class, I made an art project of mine into a single-serving website where a user can draw a card and receive a one-word 'message' from New York CIty.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 4.32.05 PM.png


Since both Christina Ray and I have a background in the visual arts, we mocked up a version of the FANS platform that could be used to promote and share content related to visual arts events.


user research: gencontractor.ly

For a design competition, I sketched out a preliminary user research program for a program to assist homeowners in finding and interacting with general contractors. 


Message Board for the new millenium

Worked with superfans Harrison Hertzman and Liam Freeney on their passion project, a "message board for the new millenium" aimed specifically at music fans, but with a framework that could be applied to comics fans, movie fans, etc.