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Info design


Information Design

As a visual journalist, I'm often tasked with making dry statistics into interesting graphics and maps that can be understood at a glance. At Daily Mail, I often work with other journalists to create templates that junior editors can repurpose.


Super tuesday

This graphic explains the number of delegates that are awarded by the states in the "Super Tuesday" election contest leading up to the Republican presidential nomination. Writers were having trouble explaining the complicated process, but I was able to graphically represent the weight of each state in a simple way.

ride hailing app usage decreases drunk driving in NYC

Graphic shows how instances of crashes involving drunk drivers have decreased in each of the five boroughs after widespread adoption of ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft. The reduction is the most dramatic in Queens, where public transit is sparse for a relatively dense population.



Nellis AFB dogfight

Often a map is used to tell a story by pointing up  relative distances between the subjects. This map shows the proximity of a suspected Russian airbase to Area 51 and Las Vegas.

Presidential Candidates Vacillate in Popularity over the Campaign

It can be illuminating to show the ebb and flow of public approval for candidates graphed against the news cycle. During the 2016 election, Graphs like this one were instrumental in showing the effect that various leaks and disclosures had on the public opinion of the candidates.