MVP - Glomento


MVP Mini-product: Glomento

As we brought the FANS team and product vision together, we decided to develop a quick, stripped down mini-product as a test case and proof of concept. 'Glomento' was conceived of as a quick way to create a shareable collection of all the tweets, comments, instagrams, and vines that might be created during a concert/art event/demonstration. We designed and launched Glomento in four weeks and conducted a small field test at a music festival in Brooklyn. We were able to use what we learned in that process to guide us in our development of the larger FANS platform.



We began by whiteboarding in open brainstorming sessions in concert with the business and development teams. I turned those ideas and requirements into rough interface sketches.


low-fidelity wireframes

Whiteboard sketches next become rough sketches on index cards. With cards, the team can begin to think about the user flow and about how functionalities link across displays. 


High-Fidelity Wireframes

Once we have the user flow and general feel, higher fidelity wireframes are created to guide the visual design.


working prototype

As the visual design was being refined, we also worked with engineering to get a plain-wrap working prototype up and running so we could check it against our wireframes.

Visual Design

With visual design applied to the prototype, we finally had an MVP that we could take to users for their feedback. I kept a record of the MVP development along with user feedback at our product blog.